Suspected Kidney Stone

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Section 5 -MEDICAL


INITIAL MEDICAL CARE (2.01) - Provide OXYGEN or assist ventilations as appropriate for patient condition. Use vomiting precautions.

  • If age >50, consider Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm etiology
  • If hypotension / shock are present, refer to SHOCK PRACTICE PARAMETER (5.13).
  • For patients with severe vomiting, obtain detailed history, and then administer ZOFRAN (ONDANSETRON HYDROCHLORIDE):
    • Adult: 4mg slow IVP. (Consider diluting in 10-20cc to aid in administering slowly) or 4mg/2ml deep IM in a large muscle.
    • Pediatric : Refer to Handtevy System
  • Obtain detailed history as to hydration status:
    • Dry mucous membranes, tongue
    • Sunken eyes
    • Urine output
    • Multiple episodes of vomiting or diarrhea

If PROPERLY hydrated and no suspected dehydration, consider administration of: TORADOL (KETOLORAC) 30mg slow IVP

For Pain Management: Refer to ANALGESIA/SEDATION PRACTICE PARAMETERS (2.04) MORPHINE 2-20 mg (IV,IO, IN, IM), titrated to effect

If patient presents with:

  • Possible dehydration
  • History of renal impairment
  • Current renal impairment

Fluid Bolus, 200-300cc NS followed by TORADOL (KETOROLAC) 15mg slow IVP. Administer nothing by mouth.