Pediatric Febrile Emergency

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INITIAL MEDICAL CARE (2.01), OXYGEN @ 100% via NRB mask, via “blow by” or assist with BVM.

  • Move patient to cool environment. (Cooler environment described as cooler than surrounding air or body temperature) - DO NOT CHILL PATIENT.
  • Remove clothing if appropriate.
  • If AMS, apply water to patient’s torso and lightly fan to facilitate evaporation process.
  • If seizure activity present, refer to SEIZURE PRACTICE PARAMETER (5.12).
  • If the patient has experienced a febrile seizure, still has a temperature (>100.5 degrees), and has not been given acetaminophen within the last 4 hours.

In a case of a pediatric febrile emergency where no oral ACETAMINOPHEN has been given or is not available, rectal suppositories may be administered.

  • Definition of a febrile emergency in all children Temperature greater than 100.5° F AMS, and/or Febrile seizures
  • All infants age four (4) months or less with a fever of 100.5° F or greater without any other symptoms are treated as a febrile emergency at all times