Suspected Sexual Assault

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Section 6 - TRAUMA


  • Perform General Evaluation.
  • Calm patient and protect privacy of patient and crime scene.
  • INITIAL MEDICAL / TRAUMA CARE (2.01) / (2.02).
  • Do not remove clothing unless medically necessary for treatment.
  • If clothing is removed, place in a plastic bag and transport with patient.
  • Transport patient on plastic side of disposable sheet or blanket, not cloth side (for evidence preservation).
  • Advise Law Enforcement:
    • If the patient requires medical treatment or has a life threatening emergency, transport to the nearest appropriate facility. After the patient is cared for the law enforcement officer assigned to the case will make arrangements for the patient to be taken to the appropriate Assault Crisis Center or be seen in the initial facility by a doctor from the Crisis Center.
    • If the patient does not require medical care they may be transported by law enforcement directly to the Assault Crisis Center for the county in which the assault occurred.

If the patient is transported to a medical facility, at conclusion of the transport, wrap and leave stretcher sheets in the patient’s room.