Suspected Abuse Neglect

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Section 6 - TRAUMA


INITIAL TRAUMA CARE (2.02) as indicated.

  • Note environment, patient’s interaction with care-givers, discrepancies in the history obtained from patient and care-givers, and any signs of obvious injury.
  • If parents / guardians refuse to let you transport the patient, leave scene, remain in a safe location and enlist aid from law enforcement.
  • Transport. It is mandatory to report your suspicions to the ER physician upon arrival.
  • Contact Supervisor and then notify Department of Children and Families (DCF) at 1-800-96-ABUSE. All paramedics and EMTs are legally required to contact DCF in all situations suspected to be child and elder abuse and/or neglect.
    • To report suspected abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child press 3.
    • To report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of an elderly or vulnerable adult press 4.
  • Carefully document history and physical exam findings as well as environmental / circumstantial data on the EMS Patient Care Report.


  • Victim name, address or location, approximate age, race and gender;
  • Physical, mental or behavioral indications that the person is infirmed or disabled;
  • Signs or indications of harm or injury, including a physical description if possible;
  • Relationship of the alleged possible responsible person to the victim. If the relationship is unknown, a report will still be taken if other reporting criteria are met.

Record the operator's name and ID # on the EMS Patient Care Report.