Removal of Taser Probes

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Procedure Guidelines


Scene Safety Consideration:

  • Before touching any patient who has been subdued using a Taser, determine if the patient is cooperative and restrained by Law Enforcement.
  • BSI precautions: Wear gloves and eye protection.

Taser and Probes:

Assessment of a Patient that has been Tasered:

  • Identify the location of the probes on the patient’s body. If any of the probes are embedded in the following areas do not remove them and transport the patient to an Emergency Department:
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Groin
    • Spinal Column

Removal of Probe:

If the probes are located in an area that is not specified above it can be removed by an EMT or paramedic. To remove the probe:

  • Place gloved hand on the patient in the area where the probe is embedded and stabilize the skin surrounding the puncture site. Place your other gloved hand firmly around the probe.
  • In one fluid motion pull the probe straight out from the puncture site.
  • Repeat procedure with second probe.
  • Removed probes should be handled and disposed of like contaminated sharps in a designated sharps container.
  • Check with your local law enforcement agency, they may require that the probes be kept as evidence.