Memo - Transport to the OD Hospital – Advent Health Altamonte Clarification

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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: November 7, 2019

RE: Transport to the OD Hospital – Advent Health Altamonte

Clarification of Update previously sent

Updated 11-4-19

Effective Immediately

Advent Health Altamonte and the other hospitals have agreed that the destination of suspected opioid overdoses that are stable for transport to Altamonte should be taken there. This is in acknowledgement that Advent Health Altamonte is becoming a specialty center for addiction medicine. EMS should be aware that they are capable of handling all addictions including alcohol.

That is not to say that a patient who is inebriated or under the influence of substances must be taken to Advent Health Altamonte. Indeed, our other hospitals are quite capable of providing service to these patients. Therefore, patients that are likely to be under the influence should still be taken to the nearest facility as we have discussed many times in the past. I hope this clarifies our new advisement but continues to support what we have been doing for years in the past.

Suspected opioid overdoses, if stable, go to Advent Health – Altamonte. All other overdoses or persons suspected to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol go to the nearest facility or as determined by patient preference or other extenuating circumstances.