Memo - Response to Physician's Offices

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Response to Physician's Offices


When a physician has determined that a patient needs to go to the hospital, it is not up to EMS to change that determination.

  • Do NOT ask the patient if they want to go to the hospital
  • If the patient asks you if they have to go:
    • Answer YES if you are sure.
    • Leave the room and talk to the physician privately if you are not sure that the patient has an emergency medical condition
    • You can only take a patient against their will if the patient meets Incapacitated Patient status as defined by Florida Law
  • You must obtain a reasonable history and supporting documentation - if time permits
    • Obtain a detailed report on the patient - if not available, document why.
    • Take vital signs
    • You DO NOT have to repeat an EKG if you can obtain a copy of one done prior to arrival. If it is abnormal, monitor the patient and obtain a repeat EKG enroute.
    • Obtain a complete medication history including dose, frequency, and time of last administration.
  • Be abundantly cautious during the transfer of care - at the office and at the ER. Be thorough.
  • If you have problems obtaining the information needed:
    • Do your best.
    • Do not "have words" with the office staff.
    • Be absolutely professional.
    • Give the run information to Q.A. (LyWayne) via the chain of command and I will discuss the problem with the physician, personally, and advised you of the results.
  • Nothing will improve if all we show is attitude . . . I cannot do anything if we have been unprofessional.