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Respiratory/Breathing Treatments


Patients with bronchial spasm are not cured when we relieve their bronchial spasm with Albuterol or other respiratory treatments. Please keep that in mind when treating patients for bronchial spasm. It does wear off after four hours and they may need further treatment such as steroids for more than one dose. When we treat bronchial spasm, we actually don’t have a diagnosis. It may be simple asthma or viral infection… Or worse. That should be left to a physician. These patients sometimes appear simple yet may not be. Please do not talk a patient out of going to the hospital… We know that is happening and it signifies a lack of understanding of the above.

Effective immediately . . . . . when a breathing treatment is given for respiratory difficulties, patients are to be transported. If they refuse transport, please point out that they cannot be certain as to what is the underlying cause and if they need further intervention. If they still insist on refusing transport, it will be AMA and a patient refusal form must be completed. Appropriate documentation needs to be made including, specifically, what you cautioned the patient about and why they could need further evaluation and treatment.