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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: March 21, 2022

RE: QA/QI Program

The Office of the Medical Director will be establishing a new program for Quality assurance and Improvement. This will focus on improving the quality of patient documentation and ensuring that the care we provide is appropriate and proper. Remember that the goal of Quality Assurance is to improve the overall patient care and resultant documentation. It Is not a putative measure rather a learning experience.

The initial part of this initiative is the hiring of a dedicated Quality Assurance person. Richard Crandall, retired Lieutenant from Maitland Fire Department has been hired by the Office of the Medical Director and will be responsible for the QA and CQI operation.

The first phase of initiating QA will focus on the Paramedic Mentor program. Richard will be reviewing the reports submitted for Medical Director review and sending them back for comments as needed. Additionally, he will be developing a peer review program. The peer review program will consist of every paramedic – and eventually EMT’s – in the system reviewing the reports of other paramedics. Many studies done at the Medical School level have shown that reading reports by other people has the effect of improving all documentation. Finally, there will also be targeted reviews of reports. For instance, in April there may be a review of all EMS reports where a narcotic was administered; in May we may review all Pediatric EMS alarms.

These are new and exciting changes for EMS in Seminole County. You may begin to see emails from Richard and your various EMS Chiefs with further information. Please contact your respective EMS Chiefs with any questions.