Memo - Opening of Oviedo Medical Center

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TO: EMS Personnel
FROM: Dr. Todd Husty
DATE: January 29, 2017
RE: ***REVISED***Opening of the Oviedo Medical Center

At 1201AM, Monday, January 30, 2017, the Oviedo Medical Center will open its doors and be ready to accept our patients.

Be advised that they are able to take Sepsis Alerts and Cardiac Alerts.
Be further advised that they have obstetrics, labor and delivery and pediatric specialties.

Oviedo Medical Center does not currently have 24/7 orthopedic call coverage. The only impact on patient destination is that, if the patient is stable but has an injury that is likely to need surgical intervention immediately or within a few hours (for example: open fractures, knee dislocations, elbow dislocations or any orthopedic injury that has neuro/vascular compromise) they should be transported to a facility with 24/7 orthopedic coverage. All other orthopedic injuries should be taken to the nearest facility including Oviedo Medical Center unless otherwise directed by patient request or continuity of care issues.

Until further notice, stable patients who are deemed STEMI Alerts, Stroke Alerts, and Trauma Alerts should be taken to the next nearest appropriate facility and not to Oviedo Medical Center.