Memo - Medical Alerts

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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: April 27, 2016

RE: Medical Alerts

We learned today that the medical alert devices many patients have/wear can be very helpful to us in the field.

The call center where the device is housed has all of the patient’s medical information . . . medications, emergency contacts, etc. Once we push the button again, we have access to this information also.

Therefore . . . effective immediately . . .

  1. If you run on a patient with one of the medical alert devices . . . upon arrival, push the button
  2. If you need any info from the call center . . . ask
  3. Let the call center know where you are transporting the patient . . . so they can notify the emergency contacts

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask . . . and again . . thanks for the wonderful job you all are doing out there!!!