Memo - Hurricane Ian – EMS OPERATIONS

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Date: 09/26/2022

To: Lake Mary FD, Longwood FD, Oviedo FD, Sanford FD, Seminole County FD

From: Todd Husty, DO Seminole County EMS Medical Director

Re: Hurricane Ian – EMS OPERATIONS

With our experience during Hurricane Charlie I received calls from several hospital administrators praising Seminole County EMS for not overloading the hospitals with minor injuries/illnesses. Our approach to Hurricane Ian will be the same. We don’t expect this to become a prolonged event but, to be safe; we will be operating in a “disaster mode” and will implement the following guidelines for Field Triage.


  • Minor extremity injuries with no deformities or loss of neurological/vascular function. Educate patient that “delayed treatment” is an accepted practice, even if a fracture exists.
  • Minor lacerations or abrasions with bleeding that has stopped with good distal function – educate patient on “delayed closure” is an accepted medical practice. NOTE: If the patient has a deep wound, inquire when they had their last tetanus shot and advise them to follow up with a physician once adverse weather conditions have ended.
    • Treatment of soap and water, local wound care and splinting are appropriate.
  • Earache
  • Typical headache for patient not in severe pain
  • Back pain - typical patient not in severe pain and with a normal neuro-exam
  • Sore throat (that can swallow), have patient drink/swallow water
  • Baker-acted patients without any injuries and with a normal neuro-exam

TREAT AND RELEASE In the event, we have patients requiring a breathing treatment or treatment for hypoglycemia and the patient feels better and does not want to go to the hospital; it is appropriate to leave the patient with family or another caregiver. It is imperative that you perform a thorough evaluation and use good judgment before leaving any patient. In the event that you do transport a patient to the hospital and the ED is busy, please be patient and cordial with the ED staff. If we are in “Condition Yellow or Red, notify the charge nurse, and follow our standing procedures. Remember, teamwork, common sense, and good judgment goes a long way!