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H1N1 (Swine Flu) Update 2009-05-05

We have been monitoring recent events in Seminole County. The Director of Public Safety, the Fire Chiefs, and the Medical Director have agreed, as of today, certain clarifications need to be made concerning the H1N1 (Swine Flu) situation.

  1. Although this respiratory pathogen appears to spread relatively easily, its severity appears to be less than other severe respiratory pathogens, especially with early treatment.
  2. Although we possibly have a native case in Seminole County, the patient has already improved and is not likely to be communicable at this time.
  3. The next few days will tell us more about the spread of the disease.

Effective Immediately . . . All personnel are to:

  1. Follow the “Severe Respiratory Pathogens” (Section 3.05) guideline at a GUARDED level
  2. Crews should be aware of any patients or family members that may meet criteria for a suspected case of H1N1. If there is a suspected case, the crews should implement higher level of PPE immediately.
  3. Please make sure you notify the chain of command for every suspect case.
  4. Please send a copy of the run report for all suspected cases to LuWayne Bradley, and a copy to Director Stone.
  5. Please watch for any further changes in level of response and/or any other advisement. Conditions could change rapidly.
  6. Please send any input on the process or levels to Pat Shaver. We would appreciate it.

Please make good determinations in the field . . . and . . . Be Safe!!