Memo - Further clarification on Advent Health OD Facility

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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: August 26, 2019

RE: Further Clarification to Medical Director Directive Dated August 12, 2019, Transport to the OD Hospital – Advent Health Altamonte

Clarification regarding Advent Altamonte becoming the Emergency OD Specialty Receiving Center.

In the county’s attempt to impact the opioid crisis we identified multiple problems beginning with not having a comprehensive plan for treating patients who have overdosed. Such a plan would need to begin in the emergency department and include a seamless and concentrated effort from multiple sources over the next days, weeks, months and even years. Advent Altamonte has agreed to take on the initial task of stabilizing, counseling and attempting to enter these patients into a treatment program. It requires specialized personnel and specialized knowledge. Therefore, we will take all suspected opioid ODs to Advent Altamonte as per previous directive.