Memo - Delayed Offloads with Critical or Unstable Patients

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Delayed Offloads with Critical/Unstable Patients


It has come to our attention, that on several occasions, units have had to wait excessive amounts of time upon arrival at the ED before their critical/unstable patient is seen by a nurse or doctor.

In the future, please handle this situation in the following manner:

  • You arrive at the ED and are not seen to give your report within 15 minutes, contact your BC. He/she should try to resolve the problem.
  • If the BC is unable to resolve the problem within 10 minutes, contact the Communications Center and ask for the Medical Director on call to contact you.
  • When the Medical Director on call contacts you, tell them the situation.
  • The Medical Director will take appropriate measures to resolve the situation.

As always, thank you for your excellent work!


Todd M Husty, DO FACEP