Memo - Clarification on Destination Choices

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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: November 14, 2019

RE: Specific Destinations for Transports

With all the new free standing emergency departments, it is becoming confusing to some patient’ families when they are given a transport destination and/or when a destination is requested. Please be destination specific when you give destinations to family members, ie: CFR . . . it could be Oviedo or Sanford . . . . Same with Lake Mary, Rinehart Road, it could be Advent Health or Orlando Health.

When patients, family members or caretakers request a facility, please ask if that is a hospital or other emergency room. We have had, for example, a patient request for Oviedo, was taken to Oviedo free standing, but wanted to go to the hospital where the patient had been previously. Thank you for all you do . . .