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In an effort to clarify any confusion on the subject of "Alerts":

For all of Seminole County and its agencies and Maitland, an “Alert” notification by radio means that the crew has a patient with a condition that needs immediate attention. It is the equivalent of “Could you meet us at the door?”

Currently, we have the following alerts:

Trauma Alert Stroke Alert
Pediatric Trauma Alert Sepsis Alert
STEMI Alert Cardiac Alert

Cardiac Alert is NOT a STEMI. It is used for patients who obviously or are highly likely to have a cardiac origin of their profound signs and symptoms.

There are many examples, including, but not limited to:

  1. A pt with ACS with presumed new EKG changes that are NOT a STEMI. The crew should describe those changes over the radio.
  2. A pt with profound signs and symptoms of ACS (crushing chest pain, severe SOB, pale, diaphoretic) and obvious or highly likely to have instability.
  3. ACS with a new arrhythmia
  4. A pt with an arrhythmia and instability.
  5. Etc.

I hope this clarifies any confusion. We have heard that many ER staff are not certain about our “Alert” process. We would ask that you discuss this with them.