Memo - Aircare Update 20100319

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Aircare update


Item #1

During today’s EMS Quality Council meeting, Brian Leonard from Air Care, informed us that Air Care can transport pediatric traumas when working a code.

The reason is . . . there is enough room to work on a pediatric patient, whereas, there is not enough room for an adult.

Keep this in the back of your mind should you be on a pediatric trauma call, you have already called for and air transport is responding . . . and the patient goes into cardiac arrest. Keep the helicopter coming . . . as they will be able to transport.

Item #2

All EMTs and Paramedics are invited to schedule ride time with Air Care, should you desire.

Item #3

Air Care will be sending out a survey link. It will be forwarded from your Chiefs to the stations. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey . . honestly. They are looking for input from the field.