MD Memo - Please use Common Sense

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TO: EMS Personnel

FROM: Dr. Todd Husty

DATE: March 13, 2020

RE: Please Use Common Sense

It is highly likely that should this emergency escalate we will run short on PPE. There are a few things we can do.

1. When responding to nursing homes that do not have a known suspect case we should consider that there are many patients in nursing homes that develop fever, cough and shortness of breath this time of year. I cannot give you clear guidance to which ones we need to be cautions with. The guidelines say that we should wear full PPE on each patient. That may contribute to a shortage even faster. I think we should ask any nursing facility if they have any known suspect or known cases of COVID 19 at this nursing home. As it stands today, there are none. Please govern yourselves accordingly. We do not want you to put yourself in harm’s way with any individual patient, but we also don’t want you to end up in harm’s way due to a lack of PPE in the future.

2. There may be patients out there that have mild diseases that we don’t even recognize it. There may be patients in the community that are afraid that they have the virus but don’t meet criteria, but they could have the virus. Please, if it is your decision to not wear full PPE, at least provide as much precautions as possible.

3. And obviously, if you become ill, especially with fever and respiratory systems, do not come to work and, it if happens while you are at work, get a surgical mask on, wash your hands and have someone take your temperature. If you are ill you need to go home. These are difficult times, but should any of you become exposed you can rest assured that most likely by far you will have mild to moderate symptoms. Please protect yourselves as much as it is reasonable.