Buretrol Usage

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Procedure Guidelines



A Buretrol may be used in lieu of the "Select-a-flow" administration device. It is not intended for use on trauma or fluid replacement/challenge. The Buretrol is to be considered as a fluid volume limiter.

  • Attach the Buretrol to an IV bag.
  • Slide the lower flow rate adjuster to just under the drip chamber and roll to the zero flow position. (closed)
  • Open the top rate adjuster, the one closest to the IV bag and fill the Buretrol chamber with the desired amount of fluid.
  • After the desired amount of fluid is in the chamber, close the rate adjuster closest to the IV bag and hang on IV pole upside down. (This will prevent any accidental addition of fluid to the chamber.)
  • Squeeze and fill half the drip chamber below the Buretrol chamber, then fill IV tubing.
  • Use by adjusting the rate with lower adjustment wheel.


  • Fluid administration to pediatrics, (over hydration of pediatrics is a real concern.)
  • Administration of Magnesium Sulfate, i.e. eclampsia 5grams over 30 min. Take 10ml of Magnesium Sulfate, place in 20cc's of fluid in Buretrol chamber, the total fluid in chamber is 30cc's this includes the drug. Run at a drop a second and in thirty minutes you will have delivered your drug.
  • Acute Asthma 2 grams over 10-15 minutes. Place 4ml of Magnesium Sulfate and place in 8-11 cc's of saline and run at a drop a second. This will give the desired dose over the prescribed time frame.
  • Allergic Reaction Tagamet/Cimetidine: Place 2ml of Tagamet in 8cc's of saline and run at a drop a second. This will give the desired dose of 300mg over 10 minutes
  • It should be noted that this device is a great tool for CHF. It is a pure volume limiter, too much fluid can place these patients in failure.
  • Remember: in a mini drip chamber gtt/min.= ml/hr. (60gtt/min=60ml/hr) in a Buretrol, a drop a second =1ml/hr. Therefore this makes the doses stated herein correct provided time and fluid are the same number.

The benefit to this method is that once the drug is finished you have a normal saline drip which is limited by the amount of fluid in the chamber.