Blood Glucose Test

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Procedure Guidelines




  • Blood Glucose Meter.
  • Test Strip and Code Strip.
  • Lancing Device / Lancet OR Syringe for blood draw.


  • Prepare the Lancing Device for a finger stick OR draw blood with syringe through IV catheter.
  • Place the test strip on to the receptacle in the meter. Allow the meter to perform a selftest.
  • Stick the fingertip with the lancet device and press the finger to form a small drop of blood, or obtain blood via syringe. Blood will be drawn into the Test Strip. The timer will begin counting down from 5 to 15 seconds depending on the meter.
  • After the necessary time, the blood glucose result will appear in the Display Window. (If "Lo" appears in the display, the glucose value may be below 40 mg / dl. If "Hi" appears, your result may be above 500 mg / dl.)
  • Dispose of used Test Strip and Lancet in sharps container.
  • Refer to Practice Parameters for treatment guidelines based on test results.