Apgar Score

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Scoring system designed by Virginia Apgar is the most commonly used instrument for evaluating a newborn's condition upon delivery. Scores are given at one minute and five minute intervals following birth.

Sign 0 1 2
Appearance Pale / blue Pink body, blue extremities Pink body, pink extremities
Pulse Absent Less than 100 100 or greater
Grimace No response Grimace Cough, sneeze
Activity Limp Some flexion Action
Respiratory effort Absent Slow, irregular Strong crying

Assess and Support:

  • Temperature (warm and dry)
  • Airway (position and suction)
  • Breathing (stimulate to cry)
  • Circulation (heart rate and color)

Inverted pyramid reflecting relative frequencies of neonatal resuscitation efforts for the newborn who does not have meconium-stained amniotic fluid. Note that a majority of newborns respond to simple measures.