American Red Cross Changed Response Procedures

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In Re: Stay at Home Compliance and Virtual Support

In order to meet recent stay at home and social distancing guidelines the American Red Cross has made the decision to alter our response to fire situations for which we provide assistance to those in need. To be clear we are still available but will take the following steps to assist our clients.

This will be the process starting April 1, 2020. We need your agency to continue to:

  • Call our National Dispatch 833-583-3111 to initiate our response
  • Provide Client Name and accurate phone number
  • If possible verify status of home livable or unlivable.

We will then utilize a “virtual response” that will take the following steps:

  • Contact of the affected family or individual
  • Working with the clients to speak by phone, or other available applications such as FaceTime, WhatsAPP, Zoom, Skype, FreeConferenceCall, Go to Meeting.
  • If appropriate we will provide financial assistance to the client by dropping off or shipping a client assistance card to them maintaining guidelines within the community for social distancing etc.

We will not be providing comfort kits or blankets at this time to avoid any type of potential exposure. At this difficult time we must all pull together and we appreciate the work you continue to do day in and day out. Questions, Comments, and Concerns please contact the undersigned.


Ricardo Sanabria CHSV, MEP, MTP

Disaster Program Manager